Doing what we do best

We have been offering our customers functional design, high-quality products and reliable service for over 30 years.

FORTE furniture is on the shelves of major furniture retail chains and stores in almost the whole of Europe and in many other countries.


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countries worldwide

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Our customers are a varied group, so we tailor our product range to both their needs and requirements.

Our team of designers and product development experts never cease to explore changing consumer needs and search for new solutions, unusual décors and functionalities. Ideas are born in their heads, which they translate into designs and then into finished collections – always with care and respect for the environment, taking into account the highest quality and ethical standards.

  • We sold about 3,2 million pieces of furniture in 2022
  • about 3,000 furniture designs are permanently in our product range
  • 600 new models of furniture are added to our product portfolio each year

Our furniture is built in Poland, in 3 modern manufacturing plants located in Ostrów Mazowiecka, Suwałki and Hajnówka.

We constantly keep up with changing technology, make sure that the machinery parks in individual factories are constantly modernised and invest in digitisation and automation of processes.
We own:

  • 7 automatic board cutting lines
  • An automated packaging system for furniture fittings
  • 22 state-of-the-art robots
  • 5 modern automatic furniture packing lines

In 2018, we opened our own TANNE particle board factory in the Suwałki Special Economic Zone.

Our chipboard factory is one of the most modern investments in recent years in the furniture industry throughout Europe in terms of environmental standards.

We take care of the product at every stage of its creation, from the inspection of materials for production, through design in accordance with the requirements of European safety standards and daily monitoring of quality, to the delivery to the customer.

Maintaining high quality standards and ensuring the safe use of the manufactured furniture is our priority.

We have a modern logistics centre with a high-storage warehouse at the factory in Ostrów Mazowiecka.

This is part of what makes us a flexible supplier, with efficient service and fast turnaround on large orders.

At the particle board factory, we have our own laboratory, where we test and examine our products to ensure they meet the highest standards.

In January 2022, the laboratory was accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation to test formaldehyde emissions using the PN EN 717-1:2006 method. This is a formal, state confirmation of the high quality of services and competences of our team, which additionally gives us the possibility of conducting accredited tests on wood-based products outside the FORTE Group too. We are the first company in the wood-based manufacturing industry to obtain this type of accreditation.

We are close to our customers

In our most important markets, such as Germany, the UK, France and Spain, we have our own trade organisations, so we can offer local support to the stores that work with us. We serve customers in their native languages, which makes communication much easier and helps build better relationships.
We built an exhibition hall in the German town of Bad Salzuflen with more than 4,000 m2 of exhibition space, and every year during major trade fairs, we meet with our partners there to present our new range of products and discuss possible further cooperation.

We are also strengthening our position in Asian markets. In 2017, together with the ADVENTZ Group, we established the joint venture FORTE FURNITURE PRODUCTS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED with its registered office in Chennai.

We have a manufacturing plant and sales network there. Furniture from the Indian factory goes to the Asian markets, including India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

Today we are Europe’s leading manufacturer of self-assembly furniture. It may seem that the journey to where we are today began in 1992, when Maciej Formanowicz founded FORTE and the company started its production activities… However, the story begins much earlier. In 1917, Mieczysław Formanowicz, who laid the foundations for the creation of FORTE, was born.

Mieczysław Formanowicz spent all of his professional life in the furniture industry. For more than 40 years, he developed and modernised furniture factories throughout Poland. He shared his knowledge by organising training courses for several generations of furniture sector workers and by publishing books and articles on furniture. He passed on his passion for creating furniture to his son, Maciej, the founder of FORTE, and his granddaughter, Maria, who has been co-creating the company for several years.

All my ancestors, from Antoni to Mieczyslaw, eight generations, were entrepreneurs for their time.

One was a shoemaker, the other a stove-maker, wheelwright, cartwright and a grain entrepreneur. They hired master craftsmen, journeymen and apprentices. It is, therefore, hardly surprising that not only me, but now also my daughter, has joined this chain of family traditions.

Maciej Formanowicz

We are a family company with the prospect of running the business from generation to generation. This gives us strength and distinguishes us from other businesses. Multi-generationalism, which has many advantages at work, just as it does in the family, is evident not only in the company’s management.


  • Many families work at FORTE, sometimes even several generations of them are involved.
  • Young parents can fully concentrate on their work, while their children spend time learning and playing in the company’s ‘Yellow Elephant’ nursery schools.
  • We take our employees’ families into account, by providing them with a range of benefits, such as subsidised summer camps.