Our history


This is when it all started

In 1992, Maciej Formanowicz bought a declining furniture factory in Ostrów Mazowiecka. Over time, on this foundation, we created one of the most modern furniture companies in Europe.

MÖBELVERTRIEB FORTE GmbH was established in Brilon, Germany to take care of FORTE’s customer service in the German market.


Development in the lakelands – purchase of a plant in Suwałki

We were growing fast, so we needed a second manufacturing plant. The natural step was to purchase Suwałki Furniture Factory in Suwałki.


Expansion of the distribution network

It was high time to expand the distribution network – we bought 100 percent of shares in the MEBLE POLONIA trading company with its registered office in Wrocław and in FORTE Styl in Brańszczyk.


Début on the WSE

Some of our team members still recollect the emotions from that 1996, when the shares of FABRYK MEBLI ‘FORTE’ S.A. were first listed on the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


Development of production potential – a factory in Białystok

We increased our production capacity by a further 24,000 m2, by purchasing part of the shares of Białostockie Fabryki Mebli S.A.


Start of production in Hajnówka and distribution in Lithuania

The group of FORTE plants was expanded to include a factory in Hajnówka, in the form of a subsidiary, which was created on the foundations of one of the oldest and largest woodworking plants in the country.
The FORTE BALDAI distribution company was set up in Lithuania.


Market entry in Ukraine

A new century brings new opportunities. We expanded our business to another country – on the basis of the existing Ukrainian state-owned company ‘Artiemowskmebel’, we created the manufacturing and trading company FORTE UKRAINA.


Sales market expansion into Slovakia

We decided to enter another market. For this purpose, we created FORTE SK, a company involved in the wholesale of our group’s furniture.


Extension of the capital group

Growing sales markets required an increase in production. Therefore, FURNEL S.A., which used to own manufacturing plants in Hajnówka and Przemyśl, joined our capital group.


Entry into four additional markets and a new factory in Russia

That was an important year for the development of our sales network. At that time, three foreign distribution companies in which we hold 100% of shares started their activities, namelyFORTE Furniture Ltd. (Great Britain), handling the British and Irish market, FORTE Mobilier (France), handling the French market and FORTE Iberia (Spain), handling the Spanish and Portuguese market.

We purchased an assets complex in the city of Vladimir, Russia where we created the FORTE RUS Sp. z o.o. furniture factory.


Joining forces – merger in the capital group

At this stage, we already knew how much benefit a joint effort could bring. Therefore, we merged with Białostockie Fabryki Mebli S.A. and with ‘FURNEL’ S.A.


Further extension of the capital group

Further companies, FORTE MÖBEL AG with its registered office in Baar, Switzerland, and KwadratSp. z o.o. with its registered office in Bydgoszcz, joined our capital group.


Launch of an automated packaging system line for furniture fittings

We decided to initiate another ambitious project. We launched a fully automated line for packing sets of furniture fittings in the FORTE branch in Hajnówka.


Modernisation of all FORTE branches

That was the year which marked the time for major modernisations of all FORTE branches. It was then that our plants were equipped with machines for the automatic packing, dimensioning and veneering of products.


Launch of a department for manufacturing small furniture series

Another year that was marked by the introduction of new technologies. In Ostrów Mazowiecka, we launched a modern production department named C +, which specialised in the production of small furniture series.


A new logistics centre

Over time, we needed increasingly larger storage spaces. A modern logistics centre with a high storage warehouse was created at the FORTE plant in Ostrów Mazowiecka.

A place for young children – opening of a company nursery school

In order to make it easier for our employees to reconcile work and family life, we opened in Ostrów Mazowiecka a company bilingual nursery school with a crèche facility known as ‘Yellow Elephant’. This enables the youngest members of the FORTE family to be able to spend the day close to their parents.


Start of the investment in the Suwałki Special Economic Zone

After 24 years of operation, the time had come for the biggest investment in our company’s history. In 2016, we commenced the construction of a particle board plant in the Suwałki Special Economic Zone.


Market entry in Asia – start of production in India

In 2017, we expanded our operations outside Europe – at that time, we entered into a joint venture agreement with an Indian company called Indian Furniture Products Limited (IFPL), owned by the ADVENTZ capital group. As a result of this initiative, the company FORTE FURNITURE PRODUCTS INDIA (FFPI) was created, to produce and sell furniture to the Asian market.

We are closer to customers – opening of an exhibition centre in Germany

We opened our own exhibition centre in the German town of Bad Sazuflen, on the premises of the M.O.W. trade fair complex. By creating a year-round furniture exhibition with an area of 4,000 m2, we are even closer to our western business partners and can better present to them our range of products


Grand opening – we have our own particle board factory

It was a great day. On 12 April 2018, we celebrated the opening of our particle board factory in the Suwałki Special Economic Zone. In this way, we became the only Polish furniture manufacturer to use its own board in production. This gives us access to the basic raw material and full control over its quality.

Second ‘Yellow Elephant’ in Suwałki

The success of the ‘Yellow Elephant’ company nursery school in Ostrów Mazowiecka quickly led to the opening of a second facility. A twin nursery school with room for 150 children was built in Suwałki, where two factories from our capital group operate. Both ‘Yellow Elephants’ are distinguished by their architecture and design, which are adapted to the height and needs of small users. We are pleased that from an early age, children can stay in a well-designed and functional environment, which shapes their sense of aesthetics and sensitises them to beauty.


Increased shipping capacity – launch of another warehouse

We opened a new warehouse in Janki to provide our customers with delivery flexibility. The facility increased the storage space of the FORTE Group by 9,600 m2, thereby boosting our shipping capacity by 20,000 parcels per week.


State accreditation for the laboratory

On 18 January, the laboratory at our particle board plant was the first company laboratory in the wood-based products industry to be accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation to test formaldehyde emissions using the PN EN 717-1:2006 method. The accreditation confirms the high quality of our team’s expertise in carrying out precise measurements and allows us to perform accredited tests on third-party products.