Mission and values

We believe that every home deserves beauty, safety and comfort. We create better homes.


Our actions are based on universal values. We are guided by them both internally and in our relations with business partners and the social environment.


We value dialogue and the creation of fair, stable and long-term relationships with employees and business partners. Together, we want to build a culture of responsibility for business practices in respect of human rights, health and safety, and caring for local communities and the environment.


Responsibility is the desire to improve the quality of life. At FORTE, we do this in several ways.
We set development directions for our company on the basis of the needs of our customers, employees, business partners and local communities. We care about the quality of products at every stage of their production (from design, manufacture and delivery, to their sale).
We conduct our business with respect for the environment, treating ecological rationales equally to social and economic ones.
In business, we follow the principles that are consistent with the international ETI Base Code of ethical conduct.


Growth involves many elements – not only the number of products sold, the amount of income generated or the size of investments, but also personal and professional development of the people who form FORTE. Our employees have the opportunity to continuously improve their professional qualifications.
We use the expertise of the best specialists in Poland and abroad to modernise and develop our machinery park. This enables us to build our furniture using state-of-the-art technological solutions. Innovative IT systems ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Sensitivity enables us to open up to the needs of others and appreciate what may seem not visible at first sight.
We have a presence in the locations where we carry out our production activities. An important part of our projects is the support for initiatives aimed at local communities. We engage in a number of activities to improve people’s quality of life; they involve, among others, the development and promotion of education, culture and ecology.